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Convener's Welcome 
A/Professor Narinder Singh

Clinical Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Head of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, Westmead Hospital

University Welcome 
Dr Andrew Black

Director, Westmead Living Lab, University of Sydney 

Health Informatics Welcome 

Professor Heiko Spallek

Academic Lead, Digital Health and Health Service Informatics, University of Sydney

Official Opening, Guest-Of-Honour 

Jana Pittman

World, Olympic and Commonwealth Champion, 400m/ 400m Hurdles, Medical Student, Westmead Hospital

1.1 Introduction And Historical Overview: The Inevitable Rise Of AI In Healthcare 

Professor Enrico Coiera
Director, Centre for Health Informatics, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University
    1.2  Healthcare AI In 2019: Where Are We Now?
    Professor Louisa Jorm
    Director, Centre for Big Data Research in Health, University of NSW

    1.3 Opportunities And Challenges: Where Are We Heading?

    Professor Dacheng Tao

    Director, UBTECH Sydney Artificial Intelligence Centre, University of Sydney

    1.4 Industry Perspective: Augmented Intelligence - Working At The Intersection Of AI, Big Data And Healthcare To Drive Better Patient Outcomes

    Dr Terry Sweeney
    Managing Director (Asia), Partnerships & Commercial Strategy, IBM Watson Health

    1.5 Clinical Insight: Using Computer Vision And Natural Language Processing To Decode Cancer

    Aparna Elangovan

    Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

    10:30 - 11:00 MORNING TEA


    2.1  Everyone Likes Innovation. No One Likes Change: How To Prepare For The Digital Disruption Tsunami
    Dr Louise Schaper
    CEO, Health Informatics Society of Australia

    2.2  Industry Perspective: Progressing a Digital Future – Keeping It Real
    Dr Nic Woods
    Chief Medical Officer, Microsoft Australia
      2.3  Data Analytics In Telstra Health: Current Examples And Future Initiatives
      Dr Vincent McCauley
      Chief Medical Officer, Telstra Health

      2.4  Clinical Insight: Using Data Science To Predict Treatment Outcomes In Paediatric Cancer

      Professor Paul Kennedy
      Director, Biomedical Data Science Laboratory, Head of Discipline (Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence), University of Technology Sydney

      2.5  Clinical Insight: Bringing Trusted AI to the Intensive Care Unit

      Dr Brent Richards
      Director of Critical Care Research, Gold Coast Health, Associate Professor, Griffith & Bond Universities
        2.6  Startup Guide: How To Launch An AI Startup: Doclink’s Journey In The Cicada Medlab Accelerator
        Martin Orliac

        CEO and Co-Founder, Doclink (Cicada Medlab Accelerator Graduate)

        1:00 - 1:45 LUNCH


        3.1  People first. Technology second.
        Alexander Rannaleet
        National Director, Health, Commonwealth Bank
          3.2  Clinical Insight: Machine Learning And Medical Records: Identifying Readmission Risk And Other Unexpected Findings
          Dr David Hansen
          CEO, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO

            3.3  Industry Perspective: The Challenges of Implementing AI in Health Care — Hype vs Reality

            Dr Malcolm Pradhan
            Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion

            3.4  Eight Key Ethical Principles for AI in Medicine

            Mark Nevin
            Senior Executive Officer, RANZCR (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists)
              3.5  Using Information Processing Features To Understand Neural Properties
              A/Professor Joseph Lizier
              Associate Professor in Complex Systems, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Sydney

                3.6  Clinical Insight: Machine learning in Medical Imaging
                A/Professor Jinman Kim
                Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Sydney

                3.7  Clinical Insight: AI In Solving Indigenous Ear Disease 

                Dr Al-Rahim Habib

                Resident Medical Officer, University of Sydney

                3.8 Implementing AI: Key Steps For Hospitals and Providers

                Dr Kuljit Singh
                President, Association of Private Hospitals, Malaysia, ENT Surgeon

                3:40 - 4:00 AFTERNOON TEA


                4.1  Harnessing Worldwide Big Data To Transform Radiology And Cardiology: Siemens Healthineers' Teamplay And Other Digital Solutions
                Dr Benjamin Schmitt
                Head of Collaboration and Research (ANZ), Siemens Healthineers

                4.2  Machine Learning Haptic Feedback in Real-Time Surgery, and Intelligent Image Retrieval

                Dr Amin Khatami
                Senior Data Scientist, Intellify
                  4.3  Startup Insight: The Anatomy of an AI Healthcare Project
                  Dr Aengus Tran
                  CEO and Co-Founder,

                  4.4  Government Perspective: Sharing Large Volumes of Data – Made Easy

                  Dr Ian Oppermann
                  CEO and Chief Data Scientist, Data Analytics Centre, The Treasury

                  4.5  How To Mitigate Risk In The Application Of AI In Healthcare: The Critical Importance Of Governance Frameworks

                  A/Professor Sandeep Reddy
                  A/Professor of Healthcare Management, Deakin University

                  4.6  Startup Insight: Bringing Deep Learning To Digital Mammography

                  Dr Joe Logan
                  CTO and Co-Founder, Alixir

                  4.7  Clinical Insight: PET Image Synthesis At Low Dose

                  Dr Luping Zhao
                  Senior Lecturer, School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney

                  4.8  Using AI to Maintain Integrity in Medical Coding

                  Stephan Curiskis

                  Senior Data Scientist, Lorica Health

                  4.9 NLP Coming of Age - Automated Case Identification and Coding at the California Cancer Registry

                  Professor Jon Patrick
                  CEO, Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS)

                  4.10 Engagebot: An AI-System to Provide Information Support For Discharged Patients

                  Dr David Grayson
                  Clinical Director ORLHNS, Waitemata DHB, Auckland, NZ

                    6:20 CLOSE

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